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     On June 23rd, 2007 the New Hyde Park Fire Department Termites Drill team held their charity drill.

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     The day began with a beautiful sunrise and the promise of a picture perfect day.  That promise was definitely not broken. Joey’s Friends Too was the recipient of the funds raised at that drill. The day was both wonderful for Joey’s Friends and the countless number of participants and spectators.  The Drill Teams compete in a number of astonishing feats that seem almost impossible. When you watch these men and women perform them it seems as choreographed as a beautiful ballet and made to look just as exciting.  The next time you are driving down Denton Ave. and you hear the roar of the engines coming from the track at Tully Park , take a few minutes and watch the teams practice.  It is truly amazing.  Of course make sure you ask when the next competition is and go and support your town's drill team.  Remember they are volunteer firemen first, and this is a very simple and fun way to support and thank them. 

     Thank you seems like a very small two words to describe all the wonderful teams and friends that helped to make June 23rd such a great financial success.  First and foremost we need to welcome Capt. Neil Brogan and the entire NHP Termite Drill Team to the Joey’s Friends Family!!  Dominic Gagnon, who really is one of Joey’s Friends, this was your dream and we are so proud of you for following it. Councilman Angelo Ferrara, thank you for helping us to be able to put all the pieces together.  Thank you to Anthony Bonomo and PRI for your wonderful donation of the T-Shirts we sold at the Charity Drill.  Thanks are also due to Pellegrini Meats for all the great food that you served all day; thank you Baldo, Linda and especially Christina.  Ken Meyer and Clare Rose, your donation went a long way!   Ashley Byrne --  thanks for stepping up to the plate when our photographer came late.  Special thanks to all the local merchants that donated raffle prizes -- all were greatly appreciated.

-Virginia, Joe, and Maria Dente


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