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The Friends of Joey Dente Jr., a.k.a. “Joey’s Friends” is the name of a foundation whose goal is to help children.

Joey Dente Jr. was a boy whose life was cut short by a pulmonary infection.

In Joey’s memory, his parents set out on a mission. They channeled their grief and feelings of helplessness into a worthy and very productive endeavor. They founded “JOEY’S FRIENDS.” Their hope was to establish a Pediatric Foundation Test Lab. Joe and Virginia Dente, with the help of many friends, relatives and people like you, embarked on a grass roots fund-raising effort, and in a short time had helped establish the “Joey Dente Pulmonary Function Test Lab,” a lasting memorial to Joey, and a tribute to his dedicated parents, at North Short University Hospital.

Through labs such as “Joey’s” the diagnosis of infections, like the one that took Joey’s life, are now easier to make. The quicker the diagnosis is made, the faster the cure for the child. Virginia has personally watched children being treated and diagnosed with the equipment that they worked so hard to fund.

“Joey’s Friends” has been a fantastic success. Joe and Virginia Dente have seen their dream come true. The test lab is operational and financially sound!

Because of the success of “Joey’s Friends,” Joe and Virginia remain committed in their effort to help children. Young Joey spent the last few months of his short life confined to a rented wheelchair. Joey wanted his own wheelchair, but the insurance company would not pay for Joey to have his own. He needed some help. Eventually Joe and Virginia found a manufacturer willing to help. They sent over a salesperson and measurements were taken. Joey picked out his favorite color. The manufacturer said the wheelchair would be ready in 30 days, and be delivered the beginning of July. Joey died June 28th of that year. He never got the wheelchair he wanted.

Joe and Virginia’s new foundation, “Joey’s Friends Too,” will hopefully be able to help that never happen to another child. Its mission is to assist in the purchase of medical equipment deemed necessary to promote the independence and enhanced quality of life for disabled children.


Joey's Friends
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